5 Reasons to Invest in a Ducted Heating System

For homes in areas that experience extremely low temperatures, there are a variety of heating options available, but gas ducted heating is the way to go.

Duct heating is an energy-efficient and affordable method of distributing an ideal supply of warmth in the entire house.

What is ducted heating?

This is a gas-powered central heating system that draws air from inside or outside your house, depending on its location. The air, ordinarily cold, is passed over a heat exchanger and is warmed through gas combustion.

This warm air is then distributed from the central heating unit into every room in the house using a web of connected ducts and vents located on the floor or ceiling.

The Benefits of Ducted Heating

Here are five advantages of using the ducted heating system.

1) Unobtrusive method of heating

You can use one central heating system to supply warm air to every room. This is not possible with other types of heaters that require fixing multiple heaters on the walls or buying several portable heaters to avoid having some cold spots. Ducted gas heating systems save on space while delivering warmth to every corner.

2) Easy to install and operate

A ducted heating system requires only a heating unit, and a series of ducts. They can be installed into an old house or during the construction of a new one. You can then easily control the heat distribution from a single location in your home using a button on the control panel. Once you switch on the ducted gas systems, the heat is circulated instantly.

3) Guaranteed efficiency

While reverse cycle systems are less efficient during extremely low temperatures increasing your bills, ducted heating maintains its efficiency in all seasons. This high efficiency, added to the ability to only heat the rooms needed, results in saved energy and lower expenses.

4) Better quality of heat

A gas heating system produces a better quality of heat compared to other heating systems such as reverse cycle. It is moist and thus comfortable for people with asthma and dust allergies. It creates a pleasant environment and is gentle on the eyes, throat, and skin.

5) Environment-friendly

Ducted heating produces less greenhouse gas compared to coal-generated electricity-powered heating. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere leading to the greenhouse effect that ultimately causes global warming.

Tips to Use When Installing a Ducted Heating System

As with any home improvement choice you make, you need to be careful when getting an installer for your ducted heating system.

Shop around and seek recommendations for an HVAC contractor who is experienced, and has a proven track record of delivering quality work. Ensure they are properly trained and licensed.

A professional technician will be keen to carry out a home evaluation to determine the best position to install the ducted heating system.

In a nutshell, a gas ducted heating system will not just provide the right quality and quantity of warmth in your house, but it will do so in an instant despite the weather. It will save you some money as well while remaining kind to the environment.