All You Need to Know about Noisy Air Conditioner Repairs in Sydney Inner West

While an air conditioner does make life comfortable in Sydney Inner West by cooling the surrounding atmosphere, it’s not so pleasing if it produces lots of noise. In fact, too much of noise from an air conditioning system is rather irritating. However, it’s not always that a noisy air conditioner needs major air conditioner repairs. Sometimes all it needs is a bit of servicing, for experts try Quick Air services.

Noisy wall mounted air conditioners

For example, most of the time just checking and cleaning the fan blades of a wall mounted noisy air conditioner fixes the problem. This is because the dirty and uneven fan blade produces noise. So you just have to remove the AC cover and the first bend and even out the fan blades, and then clean them of all its dirt and debris to reduce the noise produced by a noisy AC. However, do remember to unplug the AC before working on it!

Next check for any improper mounting as the AC makes noise if it vibrates against the window. If this is the case, tightly fitting the AC in the window helps stifle the vibrations it caused which in turn blocks any outdoor noise. Even tightening the unit’s front panel helps. This can be done by either tightening its screws or by duct taping it.

The age of the Sydney Inner West air conditioner unit also determines how noisy the unit is. Relatively old air conditioners may create noise created by the worn bearings in the compressor. Instead of opting for air conditioner repairs to rectify this, it’s better replacing the bearings or upgrading to a new AC system.

However, if you are buying a new AC unit in Inner West Sydney, make sure you first check its dB noise level as the lower it is, the quieter is the AC unit. Besides, smaller units tend to make less noise than bigger ones.

Noisy central air conditioners

In case of ducted air conditioning or central air conditioners, its outdoor compressor and condenser unit has moving parts which may start producing noise with time. The best remedy for this noise is to install a soundproofing blanket for the compressor.

There is no worry about the compressor overheating after soundproofing as compressors generally have an internal cooling system. However, it’s always better to check the AC’s warranty for violations against soundproofing the unit before carrying out any air conditioner repairs on it.

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As excessive vibrations may also be a reason for a noisy outdoor unit, anti-vibration pads can help resolve the situation. These cheap pads are installed under the compressor’s feet to dampen vibrations and reduce its noise levels.

Installing a ‘soft start’ controller on the compressor unit is another noise-reduction option as the compressor requires lots of electricity to start, which triggers vibrations and consequent heavy noise. Soft starters help reduce the generated noise by regulating the current.

Of course, it is your Sydney Inner West AC technician who determines what air conditioner repairs should be performed on your noisy air conditioner. While you may attempt to resolve the problem by cleaning the AC fan blades, all other solutions are best left to the professionals!