Ducted Air Conditioner Repair Issues

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Perhaps as a result of the relatively larger undertaking needed to install ducted air conditioners, most individuals usually find themselves unable to use this particular system to cool their homes. Apart from their high unit price, ducted air conditioners will also require professional installation, and this too can be quite expensive. Again, if you only intend to either heat or cool a single room then probably the ducted air conditioning system is not the best option. If you don’t have adequate zoning functions, it can potentially drive up your energy bills.

However, all HVAC technicians agree that the ducted air conditioning is arguably the most permanent solution and the most efficient option to either heat or cool a structure. However, it does come with a number of possible setbacks.

So how does a split system HVAC functions?

Just as the name suggests, these cooling and heating units operate as two primary split systems. These two parts are typically separated by two main sub-parts; the condensing heat exchanger and the evaporative heat exchanger which circulates air into your room. You’ll also have various supply as well as return air grills in your ceiling. Finally, they are equipped with a supply air fan mounted in your roof space. Bearing in mind that such units are usually relatively smaller as compared to most of the heating and cooling units out there, they are most suited for single and small rooms. However, this is somehow positive or negative, depending solely on your personal experience with your unit. An experienced HVAC technician will assure you that once installed; they are a decent option especially if you only want to cool or heat one room. As such, they have not suited to heat a whole home.

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Despite the lots of benefits offered by these valuable cooling and heating units, they are equally prone to occasional failure problems. One of the most important factors to consider when seeking to either maintain or repair your unit is arguably the age of that particular ducted air conditioner. Depending on the type, the level of care as well as usage, your ducted air conditioner should last a maximum of twenty years. After this period, the components of the unit will become very vulnerable to tear, wear and age, a phenomenon which will reduce its efficiency drastically. In fact, extremely older systems might ultimately stop to function unexpectedly, without prior showing any substantial warning signs thus making it virtually difficult to examine and identify. What’s more, this will make it quite difficult for you to tell whether your unit needs repair, total or partial replacement. A newer ducted heating and the cooling unit may often display a fault code, indicating that there could be a potential problem or impending danger thus making diagnosis quite easier.

When should you seek repair for your ducted air system?

Is your ducted AC making some funny noises, dripping or just doing a bad job of maintaining the temperatures of your home? If yes then probably you’ll need to seek the help of a highly qualified air conditioning technician for assistance. So what are some of the reasons for the repair of your ducted HVAC unit?

Faulty wiring: If you didn’t know, faulty wiring, which is mostly witnessed among inexperienced, uncertified and unqualified HVAC technicians is a possible risk factor to routine system failures. What’s more, faulty wiring could as well result in unexpected fire outbreaks. Finally, it has been proven that inadequate wiring can potentially prevent your cooling unit from getting sufficient power or worse still, can trip your breaker. This only implies that you must always conduct your due diligence and ensure that the initial air conditioning installation process of your unit is carried out by the most qualified personnel.

Mal-functioning outdoor unit: On most occasions, this particular problem will indicate a lack of power, a faulty thermostat or even related manufacturer issues.

Frozen coils: A typical ducted air conditioner issue, this particular problem usually indicates problems with air circulation, including restrictions caused by blocked return air ducts or dirty air filters.

Low refrigerant: This is the chemical part charged with the primary duty of cooling the air inside your ducted air conditioner. Decreased amounts of coolant could indicate potential leak issues. As a general rule, if your air conditioning often requires being recharged with refrigerant, just know that you have system leaks somewhere.

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Arguably, the most efficient way to prevent the problems mentioned above is by conducting regular maintenance projects. But, perhaps because of the normal ageing process, some of these problems are almost inevitable. You should always seek the help of the most qualified electrical as well as appliance experts for assistance.