How Often Should You Service Your Gas Heater

Gas heaters come handy during the winter when the weather is very chilly. During this period, the heater experiences the most usage at homes. Many times, we are quick to put on our gas heater without remembering that it needs servicing.

How often should you service your gas heater? This is a question that often comes to users mind. While there is no specific time frame for servicing your heating system, there are some factors that determine how often and when to service your gas heater.

How often should you service your gas furnace to prevent problems?

Ideally, you should service your gas furnace at least once a year, preferably during the spring and fall. When you conduct annual maintenance, ensure that you perform a thorough cleaning and examination of the common malfunction parts such as the air filter, the heat exchanger, the pilot light, and the fan. A rigorous gas heater servicing would help to prevent these problems.

Servicing when the gas heater is dusty or has dusty filters

When you have a blocked gas filter, it will affect the effectiveness of your gas furnace as it will overwork to warm your house adequately. If this issue is not checked on time, it will eventually cause your heating device to break down.

To forestall this issue, you should change your gas heater filter every 2-3 months. With this, you would prevent other issues from affecting your gas furnace.

A faulty pilot light

A pilot could be damaged due to several reasons which could be an obstruction in the pilot opening, or the gas valve isn’t well opened. When such happens, you should know your gas furnace is due for servicing.

You need to call in a professional gas heater servicing experts who will help you clean the pilot light and inspect the pilot button for any further issues.

A cracked heat exchanger

This is a dangerous issue that could affect your gas heating system when you do not service it regularly. A cracked heat exchanger will lead to the release of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide as well as carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides into your homes.

If left unchecked for a long time, it could cause serious health issues in your home. This problem is often initiated by a blocked gas furnace filter which limits the flow of air. Other factors could also cause this, but the good thing is that they could be prevented when you do gas heater servicing.

The Benefits of servicing your gas furnace annually

Some of the numerous benefits of servicing your gas heating at least once a year include:

  • Prevents costly and avoidable expenses

Servicing your gas heater will help to identify little problems which will be quickly dealt with before it creates bigger problems.

  • Increases energy efficiency

After a thorough gas furnace servicing, your furnace will run at its highest efficiency, and it takes less time to heat the room.

  • Extend your gas furnace lifespan

You will enjoy your heating system for a very long time when it’s free of blockages, cracks and anything else that could lead to a more significant problem.


Now you know why you need to service your gas furnace regularly. However, don’t do self-service except if you want to change your filter. For other servicing needs, you will need to contact a professional gas heater servicing experts.