Ducted Air Conditioner Repair Issues

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Perhaps as a result of the relatively larger undertaking needed to install ducted air conditioners, most individuals usually find themselves unable to use this particular system to cool their homes. Apart from their high unit price, ducted air conditioners will also require professional installation, and this too can be quite expensive. Again, if you only intend to either heat or cool a single room then probably the ducted air conditioning system is not the best option. If you don’t have adequate zoning functions, it can potentially drive up your energy bills.

However, all HVAC technicians agree that the ducted air conditioning is arguably the most permanent solution and the most efficient option to either heat or cool a structure. However, it does come with a number of possible setbacks.

So how does a split system HVAC functions?

Just as the name suggests, these cooling and heating units operate as two primary split systems. These two parts are typically separated by two main sub-parts; the condensing heat exchanger and the evaporative heat exchanger which circulates air into your room. You’ll also have various supply as well as return air grills in your ceiling. Finally, they are equipped with a supply air fan mounted in your roof space. Bearing in mind that such units are usually relatively smaller as compared to most of the heating and cooling units out there, they are most suited for single and small rooms. However, this is somehow positive or negative, depending solely on your personal experience with your unit. An experienced HVAC technician will assure you that once installed; they are a decent option especially if you only want to cool or heat one room. As such, they have not suited to heat a whole home.

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Despite the lots of benefits offered by these valuable cooling and heating units, they are equally prone to occasional failure problems. One of the most important factors to consider when seeking to either maintain or repair your unit is arguably the age of that particular ducted air conditioner. Depending on the type, the level of care as well as usage, your ducted air conditioner should last a maximum of twenty years. After this period, the components of the unit will become very vulnerable to tear, wear and age, a phenomenon which will reduce its efficiency drastically. In fact, extremely older systems might ultimately stop to function unexpectedly, without prior showing any substantial warning signs thus making it virtually difficult to examine and identify. What’s more, this will make it quite difficult for you to tell whether your unit needs repair, total or partial replacement. A newer ducted heating and the cooling unit may often display a fault code, indicating that there could be a potential problem or impending danger thus making diagnosis quite easier.

When should you seek repair for your ducted air system?

Is your ducted AC making some funny noises, dripping or just doing a bad job of maintaining the temperatures of your home? If yes then probably you’ll need to seek the help of a highly qualified air conditioning technician for assistance. So what are some of the reasons for the repair of your ducted HVAC unit?

Faulty wiring: If you didn’t know, faulty wiring, which is mostly witnessed among inexperienced, uncertified and unqualified HVAC technicians is a possible risk factor to routine system failures. What’s more, faulty wiring could as well result in unexpected fire outbreaks. Finally, it has been proven that inadequate wiring can potentially prevent your cooling unit from getting sufficient power or worse still, can trip your breaker. This only implies that you must always conduct your due diligence and ensure that the initial air conditioning installation process of your unit is carried out by the most qualified personnel.

Mal-functioning outdoor unit: On most occasions, this particular problem will indicate a lack of power, a faulty thermostat or even related manufacturer issues.

Frozen coils: A typical ducted air conditioner issue, this particular problem usually indicates problems with air circulation, including restrictions caused by blocked return air ducts or dirty air filters.

Low refrigerant: This is the chemical part charged with the primary duty of cooling the air inside your ducted air conditioner. Decreased amounts of coolant could indicate potential leak issues. As a general rule, if your air conditioning often requires being recharged with refrigerant, just know that you have system leaks somewhere.

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Arguably, the most efficient way to prevent the problems mentioned above is by conducting regular maintenance projects. But, perhaps because of the normal ageing process, some of these problems are almost inevitable. You should always seek the help of the most qualified electrical as well as appliance experts for assistance.

Where I can Find an Affordable Gas Heater Service


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How often do you service your gas heater? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Many families have lived to have gas problems. That is inevitable. But keeping your family safe is mandatory. Gas needs to be checked regularly. A breakage or faulty in the gas heater can lead to lethal effects. It needs to be repaired immediately. Gas heater servicing is like a basic thing you should do on a regular basis. They should be handled with professionalism. A professional person should handle it. A gas that is checked on regularly and used as per the procedures is safe.

Important issues:

  • Always watch for signs.
  • Always keep your burners clean and unclog them.
  • The air filter should be clean.
  • Check for your gas regulators lifespan.
  • Check for leaks on a regular basis.



Well based on our company you are assured and offered a diverse gas heating service. Services like;

  • We repair leaks in your home.
  • Gas breakage.
  • Replacement of new products.
  • Quotation of new products to buy and replace.


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I guess you ask yourself why do you need to choose us. Right? Well with us, your home safely guides. You are assured of high gas heater service from professional workers. We have people who are well experienced and vast knowledge who work around 24/7 to service your home problem. They offer high-quality service with a wide range of tools and the best leading tools available in the market.

Your safety is our priority. We offer services that are of guaranteed. You should not worry when we provide you with our heating and cooling services. Worry less with us.

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How to Get your Air Conditioning Repaired

We want our home to stay cool and comfortable for our family. Our air conditioning appliance plays a significant role in helping us get this goal. But what if our AC stops working right and starts giving us headaches instead of making it cool? It’s time to stop stressing out and check out these things you need to consider when getting your air conditioning serviced.

You know it is not right when your air conditioning is blowing out warm air instead of making your home cool. Worst is when it is not working at all! When these happened, it is time for your air conditioning to get repaired. Leaving your air conditioning in this worst state will not just give you uncomfortable feeling all day at home but may also cost you more. If the problem is not addressed in a timely manner, further damage to the air conditioning system could happen and may result in bigger problems. So, don’t wait too long to fix the problem and have it addressed quickly.

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Getting in touch with the experts and professionals never gets old. It is the easiest and safest way to get your air conditioning system repaired. Call an air conditioning service professional who has advanced expertise and huge experience with the things you need in repairing your air conditioning. You can usually get in touch with these experts anytime as they are available all the time. Keep in mind that it is time for you to call help the moment that your air conditioning started acting up and stop working correctly. It is to ensure that your air conditioning will have its reliable performance back.

Air conditioning repair experts can provide you numerous services. They usually cover other aspects of your air conditioning system such as its compressor, condenser, air handlers, air conditioning filters, and others. If they cover these things when doing a check-up and repair to your appliance, you will know they are the experts. Choosing the right experts to help you fix your air conditioning will go a long way. They will also give you observations and recommendations after doing an inspection of your system. They may also give you options on plans that you can get for maintenance of your air conditioning system which will help you save more.

The right service that you will choose in repairing your air conditioning will help you extend the life of your air conditioning appliance and help you reduce your bills. Don’t forget that having an air conditioning maintenance is a huge help in preventing further problems with your system too. You are not the expert when it comes to your air-conditioning problems and letting the right professionals do the job for you is a smart move. Before you call the experts to get the services that you need, it is also imperative that you have some knowledge about your air conditioning systems such as its brand, the year when you had it purchased and other things that you can personally check on your end. Get your AC repaired by these experts and have a cool and comfortable home during humid days.


How Can You Choose Gas Heater Servicing

Gas heaters have many advantages over their electric and oil counterparts. Typically, 23% of a household’s income is spent on heating. So being energy efficient is an important factor when choosing a heater. Opting for a gas heater can reduce heating costs by more than half. With regular maintenance, gas heaters can last for 5 to 10 years. They are reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Gas heater servicing should occur at least once per year. Some aspects of gas heater servicing can be done without the need for a professional. Vacuuming the duct registers when necessary keeps the gas heater in good shape. Regular maintenance is important to keep the heater running at maximum capacity. It also reduces any possible safety risks.

Regular gas heater servicing is vitally important. When these heaters are not serviced regularly, carbon monoxide leakage can become a problem. Carbon monoxide is a Purchasing a carbon monoxide detector near the heater can help alert to any leaks. Gas leaks are harmful not only for inhalation but post significant fire risks.

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There are two main types of gas heaters. Flued and portable. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Flued gas heaters are installed indoors and have pipes that direct any gas fumes to the outdoors. This ensures that the room that the heater is installed in does not become fume-filled. Regular gas heater servicing will keep the flue in good working order.

One benefit of a flued gas heater is the ability to set the thermostat. This keeps the gas heater running to keep the room at a constant temperature. This is done with the use of a remote control. Being able to program the heater to turn on and off at certain times and at certain temperatures, enables the room to always be warm when entering. Child lock is a new feature that is being installed, which is always handy to reduce any potential child hazards.


Portable gas heaters are a heater that is on wheels that is lightweight and easy to move, making it ideal for those people who need a heater they can move from room to room as needed. They are always ready to go once plugged in and provide instant heat at a rate of up to 26 megajoules per hour. If using a portable gas heater, ventilation is quite important. Without adequate ventilation, water vapour can cause condensation to form on walls and floors, causing mould. Not having a flue does mean that there will be some carbon monoxide fumes that are leaked into the area, but these amounts are very minimal.

Environmental Impacts

When choosing gas heating, environmental sustainability can be the main concern. Some of the bigger types of heating sources such as coal or oil, natural gas have low carbon emissions. Natural gas heaters reduce carbon emissions by up to 70% less than other fossil fuels. Natural gas heaters work by use of a combustion process. This process produces only a tiny number of by-products that are then released into the air. Making them great for the environment and for the home.

How Often Should You Service Your Gas Heater

Gas heaters come handy during the winter when the weather is very chilly. During this period, the heater experiences the most usage at homes. Many times, we are quick to put on our gas heater without remembering that it needs servicing.

How often should you service your gas heater? This is a question that often comes to users mind. While there is no specific time frame for servicing your heating system, there are some factors that determine how often and when to service your gas heater.

How often should you service your gas furnace to prevent problems?

Ideally, you should service your gas furnace at least once a year, preferably during the spring and fall. When you conduct annual maintenance, ensure that you perform a thorough cleaning and examination of the common malfunction parts such as the air filter, the heat exchanger, the pilot light, and the fan. A rigorous gas heater servicing would help to prevent these problems.

Servicing when the gas heater is dusty or has dusty filters

When you have a blocked gas filter, it will affect the effectiveness of your gas furnace as it will overwork to warm your house adequately. If this issue is not checked on time, it will eventually cause your heating device to break down.

To forestall this issue, you should change your gas heater filter every 2-3 months. With this, you would prevent other issues from affecting your gas furnace.

A faulty pilot light

A pilot could be damaged due to several reasons which could be an obstruction in the pilot opening, or the gas valve isn’t well opened. When such happens, you should know your gas furnace is due for servicing.

You need to call in a professional gas heater servicing experts who will help you clean the pilot light and inspect the pilot button for any further issues.

A cracked heat exchanger

This is a dangerous issue that could affect your gas heating system when you do not service it regularly. A cracked heat exchanger will lead to the release of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide as well as carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides into your homes.

If left unchecked for a long time, it could cause serious health issues in your home. This problem is often initiated by a blocked gas furnace filter which limits the flow of air. Other factors could also cause this, but the good thing is that they could be prevented when you do gas heater servicing.

The Benefits of servicing your gas furnace annually

Some of the numerous benefits of servicing your gas heating at least once a year include:

  • Prevents costly and avoidable expenses

Servicing your gas heater will help to identify little problems which will be quickly dealt with before it creates bigger problems.

  • Increases energy efficiency

After a thorough gas furnace servicing, your furnace will run at its highest efficiency, and it takes less time to heat the room.

  • Extend your gas furnace lifespan

You will enjoy your heating system for a very long time when it’s free of blockages, cracks and anything else that could lead to a more significant problem.


Now you know why you need to service your gas furnace regularly. However, don’t do self-service except if you want to change your filter. For other servicing needs, you will need to contact a professional gas heater servicing experts.


Which Factors to Consider When Designing a Heating and Cooling System

One of the most important questions for any renovators and self-builders is that: How can they design the most energy-efficient heating and cooling system in their new house? In fact, this is a complex task, so it is better to consider the following important factors.

  1. Heat demand

First, it is necessary to measure the heat demand for all rooms in your house. This might tell you the exact size of pipe runs or radiator needed for a heating system. In addition, it would suggest the locations that need to be improved if you are planning to design a system for the current house.

There are a couple of online calculators available, but you should use them carefully. In most cases, they require the least information and measure standard levels of insulation and construction. Even though these applications offer a helpful initial result, the final recommendation should be performed by a professional.

  1. Methods of heating distribution: Radiators versus UFH

In this case, it is just the matter of personal preference: The radiators are a bit more expensive to operate, while the UFH is a bit cheaper to set up. However, the main difference lies in the way two methods control.

Another important factor to look at is the radiators’ location. When the heating air meets a window or cold surface, it might get cold and fall to the degree that it gets a draught. This is the reason why radiators are often placed under a window. However, this is not a problem with an underfloor heating and cooling system since the hotter increasing tends to eliminate the cooler air decreasing.

  1. Weather compensation

As the weather always changes, it is important for a heating system to adjust frequently to make your house warm adequately. In general, a good heater will address this problem with a weather compensator. The mechanism is simple: a built-in sensor will register the current temperature outside and adjust the heat provided to your house.

The issue could be with the sensor’s location. This element is often installed on the outside wall that is near to the boiler, but it actually needs to be placed on a south-facing wall to get out of the dominating wind.

  1. Heat source

A common question that many homeowners often ask is whether they should use a heat pump or a boiler. In addition, it is possible to use a completely solar-heated system, but it needs the help of an experienced electrician. These days, solar energy is a new trend that should be added in nearly all new-build designs simply it is more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient.

Your decision over the right heat sources would mainly depend on all factors mentioned earlier. Thus, there will be no right or wrong choice but going through the whole process might result in a better decision for your task. There are some cases that can help you exclude options:

– If the main gases are not available currently, the expense of buying a pipe laid could be very high

– The excessively changing cost of heating oil makes it a good decision, at best.

– The necessary work for a biomass boiler might be not practical

– Lack of garden space might exclude a heat pump that comes from a ground source.

What are the Differences Between A/C Systems and Heat Pumps

In general, understanding the differences between an A/C system and a heat pump would be helpful, especially when you need to select the right model for your house. In most cases, deciding between a heating and cooling system might heavily depend on the local climate as well as the levels of comfort that you get used.

Knowing the pros and cons of those devices would make it easier to choose the right product and also leave you with the expected satisfaction with your house.

  1. Straight cool A/C system

Basically, a straight cool A/C system is usually equipped with electrical heat strips, which makes it a sufficient alternative to a heat pump system. This is particularly correct in northern regions of the country in which the temperatures often decrease dip below 40oF, making it unnecessary and inefficient to use a heat pump. Even though the electrical heat strips generate a sufficient amount of heat quickly, they also require considerably more energy while operating.

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– A straight cool A/C system is less expensive to buy compared to a heat pump model

– The electrical heat strips generate heat quickly to warm the entire home


– A straight cool A/C system is usually fitted with electrical heat strips, which consume far more electricity than a heat pump system while heating the entire house

– Heat strips often malfunction and still stay on even when the device is adjusted to cool, which might double the workload on the system as well as significantly increase the energy bill.

  1. Heat pump

Although there are significant differences between heating and cooling systems, both models operate in a similar mechanism. In general, they are made to carry the heat from inside area of your house to the outside when adjusted in the cooling mode. Nevertheless, heat pump systems are often equipped with reversing valves that allow them to carry the heating air from outside to the inside of your house while in the heating mode. Without the need for electrical heat strips, you can save a lot of money on energy bills.

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– Heat pump systems are widely regarded as one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems out there simply because they consume much less electricity to warm your house.

– Heating systems help keep a stable temperature in the entire house, which removes the cold spots that are common with usual heat strips or gas furnaces.

– Heat pump systems are basically fitted with auxiliary or emergency heat strips to generate heat constantly when the temperature in your house decreases below the working level.


– Compared to straight cool A/C systems, heat pumps are more expensive

– Heat pumps system are not suitable for those areas in which the average temperatures are below 40oF without another source of heating.

– Even though a heating system is able to generate a stable temperature to warm your house, it isn’t as intense or rapid as electrical heat strips or gas furnaces.

Don’t Make These Common Air Conditioning Mistakes

You might think that getting an air conditioning system for your home is as simple as calling your HVAC expert and scheduling a time for air conditioning installation. But the truth is, making sure your air conditioner works efficiently and effectively has a lot to do with how you operate it on a daily basis.

Consequently, incorrectly operating or managing your air conditioning system can lead to a poor output from your air conditioner or increasing electricity bills. Here are a few common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to air conditioning that you should definitely avoid.

  1. You’re not getting regular air conditioning service.

You might think that just because you don’t often use your air conditioner, you won’t need to have it serviced annually. The truth is, this decision can be detrimental to your air conditioning system and will cost you more money than you save from leaving out air conditioning service.

It’s important to have all the components of your air conditioning system checked and serviced on a regular basis so as to spot any possible defects or damages that can be corrected with the proper air conditioner repair Sydney services before they become worse and cost you more money.

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  1. You skimp on air conditioning repair.

Let’s say you are able to spot something wrong with your air conditioner and want to have it fixed at a low price. So you go online to find the most affordable air conditioning repair services you can find, without bothering to check if they are licensed or have the proper business permits and certifications to offer their services.

You might be risking more damage to your air conditioning unit and more costs to you in the long run if you take this route. Air conditioning servicemen who do not have the proper license and certification might not have the proper credentials or experience to get the job done, and you shouldn’t risk it. Know that building a good relationship with a trusted HVAC specialist is a worthy investment in the long run.

  1. You don’t have a programmable thermostat.

Let’s face it – with our busy lives, there’s so much we have to think about and the last thing we need to put attention to is our home appliances, including our air conditioning system. Needing to adjust your thermostat every day is a chore you don’t need to be added on your to-do list. The best solution? Get a programmable thermostat that automatically does the adjusting for you. Not only is it more convenient to use, it can provide savings too!

  1. You have gotten rid of your ceiling fans.

Maybe you were eager to get rid of your ceiling fans once you had your air conditioning system installed because you didn’t think you would need them anymore. The truth is, ceiling fans can be a nifty home appliance for circulating the cool air your air conditioning unit has provided, which is particularly useful during the hottest of summer days. So don’t rush into letting go of that ceiling fan so easily – it’s a simple machine, but can deliver useful benefits to your home.


Top 6 Air Conditioning Installation Problems To Watch Out

During air conditioning installation, you should know the problems that are you are likely to experience whenever you need the best options. Whether you do it for your business or home, you should ensure that you avoid these mistakes whenever you want it to work perfectly well for your home. The following are the top 6 air conditioning installation problems to watch out today for your home:

air conditioning repair

1. Improperly Sized System

Improperly Sized System is among the most common problems that exist with a split air conditioner or even heating system when it is too small or large. How do you avoid this problem? You can make sure that they run a proper job load calculation. By hiring a reputable or certified heating & air conditioning contractor, he or she will offer you the best services that would improve the safety of your home. In addition, you must know their work history before making a decision on whether you would like to hire them or not whenever you need the best installation services in your home. Ultimately, it will enable you to have sufficient comfort while reducing your higher energy bills since you are able to make savings.

2. Improperly Sized Ductwork

Improperly sized ducts is another common problem that you should know. You should base duct as well as register sizes on a load calculation for a proper operation. Why say so? Any undersized supply ducts or return air can sometimes impede efficiency at the same time overwork your compressor thus resulting in failure of your early equipment. You can seek help from an air conditioning technician who knows how to install it, especially when you want it to work properly.

3. Improperly Sealed Ducts

Ductwork, which has not been sealed properly, will leak or even lose their valuable cooling and heating into an attic or any other undesirable area. This will ultimately cost you lots of money whenever you need to repair it during the process. You should ensure that you do it right whenever you need the best results.

4. Improperly Installed Drains

An improperly drain line installed or drains installed with no emergency overflow pan can cost your house a lot whenever you need the best solutions. You should maintain them well especially when you need to drain water or leak through your walls or ceiling. You must fix the problems when looking for a proper air conditioning installation.

5. Poor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution can be a problem. Many different things like mildew, resins, carpets, mould, pollen, etc. can cause poor indoor air quality. You can use a high air turnover or humidity to fix the problem after hiring a reputable contractor to help to correct the problems by fixing your air as well as a heating system to eliminate these contaminants.

6. Refrigerant Leaks

It is very important that a refrigerant or coolant level of the system of air conditioning maintenance is checked often. This will enable it to work well while helping in saving electrical costs as well as reduction of wear and tear on the unit.

In summary

The above are the top 6 air conditioning installation problems to watch out when making your home safer and comfortable.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Best Practices

Are you looking to ensure that the new air conditioning system in your commercial building will run smoothly, providing comfort for all its inhabitants, but at the same time, not allowing your energy bill to skyrocket?

A commercial air conditioning system can be a lot more complicated than a residential one, with a lot more technical aspects. Read on to find out a few best practices you can apply when it comes to commercial air conditioning in Melbourne.

1. Manage the controls of your commercial air conditioning system properly 

Control systems for HVAC systems can range from simple to highly sophisticated systems. Whether your air conditioning system is controlled by a programmable thermostat or a very robust automation system, you should study its various settings so that you can set up the most ideal and energy efficient setting for you. Your goal should be how to eliminate the most amount of wasted energy while providing the most comfortable setup for the inhabitants with air conditioning. To do this, you may consult with an efficiency expert who will be able to provide great recommendations on how to set up your commercial air conditioning repairs.

2. Avoid having your commercial air conditioning system’s cooling and heating functions to work against each other

Many sophisticated air conditioning systems can operate with both simultaneous cooling and heating functionalities. However, this might lead to the two functions working against each other, using up unnecessary energy and leading to additional wear and tear on the equipment.

To avoid air conditioning repair service, observe your central air conditioning system and check for mechanisms that are operating when they shouldn’t, such as both boilers and chillers running at the same time when only one or neither is needed.

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3. Continuously improve fan speed controls on your HVAC system

A lot of commercial air conditioning systems are set up so that their fans and pumps operate at a constant pace. However, often the needs of a commercial building or infrastructure are never constant. Talk to your facility manager about possibly using a variable frequency drive, or VDF, which offers a good alternative to the traditional mechanical throttling used to manage air and water flow in the HVAC system.

These VDFs are set up on the motors of the HVAC system’s pumps and fans and usually in a range for varying load requirements. Doing so can offer energy savings of up to 50 per cent.

4. Manage the setting of your commercial air conditioning system during unoccupied times

You can experience significant energy savings and cost reductions if you manage the settings of your HVAC systems during times when your commercial space is empty, such as after office hours or during the weekends. The idea is that you are able to shut off the air conditioning system during these times and avoid turning them on again for very minimal use.

Here are a few simple tips you should remember to achieve this:

  • Adjust the settings in certain rooms or spaces when they are completely unoccupied. 
  • When the building is unoccupied, close outdoor air dampers in order to save on energy.

air conditioning repairs Perth