When To Get Heating System Repair

There isn’t anything as terrible as having to go into winter with a broken heating system. There are often signs that your heater needs repairs. Let’s have a look at some of the common indicators that call for heating system repair.

Unusual Sounds

Hearing strange sounds coming from your heater is one of the main signs that you need a heating system repair.

The strange sounds may be caused by some reasons including things getting lodged into the heating system or parts coming loose.

Strange Smells

When you turn on your heater and get wind of strange smells, then you need repair services.

Likewise, strange smells coming from heating systems could be as a result of things getting lodged within it and getting burnt when the system is turned on.

Smoke from the Furnace

If you see smoke coming from the boiler or furnace, switch off your heater and immediately seek heating system repair.

Smoke could be as a result of something simple as lodged items getting burnt up when the heater is switched on. However, smoke coming from your heater is never a good sign and once you take note of this to get repair services.

Hiked Fuel Costs

If all of a sudden you are spending more on oil or gas because your heater’s consumption has increased, then you might need heating system repair.

Usually, if you start spending more on fuel, it could mean that you have a faulty boiler or furnace.

Slower Heating Response

You turn on your heater, and it is taking unusually long to heat up your home. This is yet another indication that you need a heating system repair.

When your heater takes longer to heat up your home, it could point out to leaks.

Prevention is Better than Cure

As the age-old adage goes “prevention is better than cure,” it is best to prevent the damage could be caused to your heating system by having it regularly serviced.

Maintenance of your heater will make sure that all its parts are working as expected and any issues will be identified on time. Also, sometimes it isn’t as apparent to take note of problems your heating system might have. Regular servicing of your heating system keeps it in tip-top condition so that it can serve you longer.

Heaters are often left untouched and unused until the cold winter days when they are required the most. Often, this is the reason why most people find that their heater doesn’t work just when they need it the most.

It is much affordable to regularly service a heating system than having to deal with high heating system repair or replacement costs.

In summary, despite heaters being used seasonally it is important to know the signs that indicate that you need a heating system repair. Some of the common issues include unusual noises, strange smells and smoke emitting from the boiler/furnace. Other problems such as leaks and higher fuel consumption might take some time to identify.

However, with regular service done on your heating system, you should be able to nip all the problems with it in the bud.

Common Heating and Cooling Services

When it comes to your home’s cooling and heating system, there is a lot to think about. Perhaps this is why you should work with highly trained and professionally skilled technicians who can efficiently solve whatever type of problem your heating and cooling system may throw your way.

Maintaining your cooling and heating system properly is a crucial part of ensuring a high level of performance. The furnace together with the ductwork which circulates heat throughout your home must always be kept in good condition.

Evaporative AC is currently one of the energy-saving and efficient methods of cooling your home. Adequate maintenance will not only ensure that your unit stays longer, but will also make your unit to function more efficiently. Gas and electric heaters must be installed professionally since unsafe gas heaters can result in sudden house fires, can pollute your home with harmful fumes can lead to serious health-related problems. Your heating system needs to be examined if:

  • You notice soot stains around the heater.
  • When the walls turn boiling while the heater is on.
  • There is a sooty or yellow flame.
  • There is an indication of heat damage such as discolouration of the heater panels.
  • The pilot lights go out suddenly when lighting.

Thankfully, there are lots of heating maintenance and repair services you can opt for, including:

Furnace repair services.

Furnace repair can sometimes be a messy job to handle. It should be done by professionals who have great respect for your property. An improperly maintained furnace can get damaged unexpectedly, costing you both money and time. Tune-ups can aid identify potential issues before they become expensive breakdowns. Aside from ensuring efficiency in your energy use, adequate furnace maintenance is essential in protecting your health and safety in general. Furnace repair services are usually complicated; you should always hire highly qualified technicians.


A boiler is a heating system which you can configure to burn propane, oil, natural gas to fuel the system that heats your entire home. A great boiler should be durable, offering a long-lasting solution of heating your house. Many gas boilers used for residential purposes heats the water but don’t boil it. The heated water is then pumped to under-floor tubing, radiators or heat exchanger. To maintain your boiler in its good condition, it should be serviced at least once every year.

Heat pumps.

If you are that person who is concerned about maximising his energy efficiency, while minimising the impacts on the environment, heat pumps should be your ultimate choice. Environmentally sound, heat pumps reduce the CO2 emissions, hence reducing your carbon footprint. Heat pumps function by transferring heat from one place to the other. During the summer, they can move hot air from the inside of your house, making your premises more comfortable.

When choosing to install these devices, you should only select a heating and AC contractor who has vast experience in installing heat pumps, and who can help you find the best heat pump system that best suits your needs.

Heating repair and maintenance services are numerous, but we have only examined some of the most critical ones. Others include;

  • Emergency services.
  • Baseboard heating.
  • Electronic air cleaners.
  • Humidifiers.
  • Filter replacement.
  • Thermostats and much more.

Common types of HVAC repair services.

There are lots of components and moving parts associated with an air conditioner, which gives room for a bit of the multitude of problems to arise. These common issues include;

Fan problems.

An air conditioner consists of two fans: The blower, also known as the evaporator fan, and the condenser fan, which remains in the outdoor unit. The condenser fan is charged with the duty of removing the heat from your system, whereas the indoor blower pushes the cold air into your ductwork. Common issues which usually develop with fans are belt problems, curved blades and motor problems. When any of these problems arise, you will have to seek the help of a qualified technician.

Refrigerant leaks.

Leaking refrigerants are very common problems with AC, but identifying them is quite a big challenge. A leaky coolant can lead to a lot of problems in your entire system, and this is why you’ll need a professional to handle the problem.

Compressor problems.

The compressor’s main objective is to pressurise the refrigerant so that heat can be released. It houses its motor, plus some complicated electrical wiring. It is a device which functions very hard and means that it can develop problems quickly. It is such a complex device, and only a certified professional should examine it.

Frozen coils.

The primary cause of a frozen evaporator coil is an air filter which is clogged. Because they are located close to each other, if cold air cannot pass via the filter, it can build in the air handler, making the coil to frost over in the process. You’ll always need the help of a proven AC professional to examine your unit.

I hope that this post has provided you with the basic insight regarding the various common problems which develop during the course of your heating and cooling systems working life. To be on the safest side, ensure that any related problems are only diagnosed by a top professional.

All You Need to Know about Noisy Air Conditioner Repairs in Sydney Inner West

While an air conditioner does make life comfortable in Sydney Inner West by cooling the surrounding atmosphere, it’s not so pleasing if it produces lots of noise. In fact, too much of noise from an air conditioning system is rather irritating. However, it’s not always that a noisy air conditioner needs major air conditioner repairs. Sometimes all it needs is a bit of servicing, for experts try Quick Air services.

Noisy wall mounted air conditioners

For example, most of the time just checking and cleaning the fan blades of a wall mounted noisy air conditioner fixes the problem. This is because the dirty and uneven fan blade produces noise. So you just have to remove the AC cover and the first bend and even out the fan blades, and then clean them of all its dirt and debris to reduce the noise produced by a noisy AC. However, do remember to unplug the AC before working on it!

Next check for any improper mounting as the AC makes noise if it vibrates against the window. If this is the case, tightly fitting the AC in the window helps stifle the vibrations it caused which in turn blocks any outdoor noise. Even tightening the unit’s front panel helps. This can be done by either tightening its screws or by duct taping it.

The age of the Sydney Inner West air conditioner unit also determines how noisy the unit is. Relatively old air conditioners may create noise created by the worn bearings in the compressor. Instead of opting for air conditioner repairs to rectify this, it’s better replacing the bearings or upgrading to a new AC system.

However, if you are buying a new AC unit in Inner West Sydney, make sure you first check its dB noise level as the lower it is, the quieter is the AC unit. Besides, smaller units tend to make less noise than bigger ones.

Noisy central air conditioners

In case of ducted air conditioning or central air conditioners, its outdoor compressor and condenser unit has moving parts which may start producing noise with time. The best remedy for this noise is to install a soundproofing blanket for the compressor.

There is no worry about the compressor overheating after soundproofing as compressors generally have an internal cooling system. However, it’s always better to check the AC’s warranty for violations against soundproofing the unit before carrying out any air conditioner repairs on it.

air conditioning service

As excessive vibrations may also be a reason for a noisy outdoor unit, anti-vibration pads can help resolve the situation. These cheap pads are installed under the compressor’s feet to dampen vibrations and reduce its noise levels.

Installing a ‘soft start’ controller on the compressor unit is another noise-reduction option as the compressor requires lots of electricity to start, which triggers vibrations and consequent heavy noise. Soft starters help reduce the generated noise by regulating the current.

Of course, it is your Sydney Inner West AC technician who determines what air conditioner repairs should be performed on your noisy air conditioner. While you may attempt to resolve the problem by cleaning the AC fan blades, all other solutions are best left to the professionals!


Where to place indoor and outdoor units in split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioning installation should be properly done for optimum performance. It’s the wrong installation can lead to frequent maintenance problems like gas or refrigerant leakage and poor cooling effects. This is why its installation should be done by an expert split AC installation and erection technician while considering the following aspects.

The most important step in installing a split AC is deciding the best location for the indoor and outdoor units.

Indoor unit

In the case of the indoor unit, it should be placed somewhere in the room where the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room. It ’s preferable if the indoor unit is installed above the bed so that you experience its maximum cooling effects on the bed. If you don’t want the direct flow of cold air on your body; all you have to do is change the louvres’ directions!

Another option is to install the indoor unit on the wall towards your feet. Of course, there is no harm in installing it on other side walls too, if you feel it will provide the room with the best cooling effects!

However, the wall mounted indoor unit should be installed about 8 to 10 feet above the floor so that its cold air cools the room and not just the hot roof. The indoor unit should also be easily accessible for cleaning its filters every fortnight and for changing the louvres position.

If installed above a window, make sure it’s symmetrical with the window else the unit looks shabby. Remember, the indoor unit should improve, and not destroy the aesthetics of the room!

Split system air conditioning installation of an outdoor unit

It is better to install the outdoor unit in an open space, preferably on the terrace as it promotes a free flow of the air over the compressor and condenser. If there’s no terrace, it can be placed on the awning above the wall or on the external wall with angular support.

It should be installed in a place which is easily accessible for gas charging and to maintain its compressor, condenser and other devices. Nothing should be in front of the outdoor unit as it may block the fan air passage from passing into the open space. A blockage affects the AC performance and may also burn the compressor coil.

The outdoor unit should be installed on a rigid surface as it prevents excessively noisy vibrations which can eventually break the copper tubing or lead to refrigerant leakage.

The outdoor unit should be installed higher than the indoor unit as if it’s kept at a lower level; some compressor power may pump the refrigerant against gravity. This reduces the compressor’s overall performance.

Both the indoor and outdoor units should be installed in close proximity to each other for maximum cooling effects. The refrigerant flowing between the units is cold, and a big gap between the two only reduces the AC’s cooling effect. At the most, the two can be placed at a distance of about 15 meters from each other.

Following these split system, air conditioning installation tips ensure you will love the cooling effects of your split system AC unit! for air con installation. Contact the experts

5 questions to ask air conditioning contractors


It is true that it’s better leaving air conditioner repairs and servicing to professional air conditioning contractors. However, this doesn’t imply that you have to believe in and hire the first person you find in your area or the internet. You have the right to be as choosy as you want to hire the best person for the job, who is well experienced and fits your budget.

You can always ask your friends and family for suggestions. While this is a safe option as they have already used the contractors’ services and can vouch for their reliability and trust, there is still a possibility of your not liking the way they work or their work attitude.

This is why it’s better to collect 5- 10 potential contractors you may hire for your air condition installation, replacement or servicing and then start calling them. To help you make your choice here is a list of 5 questions you should ask air conditioning contractors.

  1. Ask them about their working hours, and the technician’s availability at making service calls. This is an important question to ask as you never know when you’ll have a problem with your AC unit.

You don’t want to hire a person who makes you wait for a week or so for their service appointment. Moreover, as your schedule may not permit service calls at specific times, you need to hire a contractor who is flexible enough and will be able to work according to your schedule.

  1. Ask if their staffs are certified and factory trained. This is another important question to ask as you need to be sure the person who is sent to service or repairs your air conditioner is trained and knowledgeable enough to handle the job.

Really, there’ s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a week or so for the technician to come only to find out that they are incompetent for the job, and ends up sending out their supervisor later on to handle the task!

  1. Find out more about the company like how long they have been around and if they are licensed to perform air conditioner repairs. Ask them for the name and number of a few of their past satisfied customers so that you can call them to find out how happy they were with the air conditioner contractor’s services.
  1. Ask if the company guarantees or warranties their work. It’s not enough if they offer one; you have to find out if the guarantee covers parts, labour or both. As you will anyhow be paying for both, you need to hire a contractor who guarantees their product and technicians.
  1. Ask them about their rates. You cannot afford to take anything for granted. Once you have narrowed your choice to a few potential contractors, ask them for their rates. Choose a contractor you know you can afford, and preferably a person who is ready to reduce costs if you hire them.

So now you know what questions to ask air conditioning contractors, you will be able to hire a more competent and reliable person you can rely on and call to repair, replace and service your air conditioner when required.

How Much Does A Ducted Air Conditioner Repair Cost

air conditioning repair craigieburn

The ducted heating and cooling systems are quite complex, with several points of possible failure. For instance, a ducted heater malfunction affecting one home system will be different almost certainly differ from that affecting another. This calls for a different approach to repairs and in effect different costing methods.

Nonetheless, every technician uses standard ducted air conditioner repair cost determinants in determining the amount to be billed for the repairs. And if you are familiar with these price determinants, they may assist you in bargaining for fair charges or discounts even. These include:

air conditioning repair craigieburn

1. Nature of the repair

Some of the most common ducted HVAC system problems include blockages that cause an insufficient flow of air into the different rooms in the house or perforation of the ducts leading to loss of heat during distribution. Since different repair needs call for a different form of expertise to correct, the nature of the repair goes a long way in determining the total cost. It goes without saying, but the more complicated your ducted conditioner is, the deeper you should expect to dig into your pockets. But, heating repair professional can help to resolve this problem. 

2. The extent of the repairs needed

Additionally, unblocking a single vent in one of the home chambers won’t cost the same as cleaning dusting the entire ventilation system. And neither will seal a refrigerant leak attract the same charges as sealing multiple cracks affecting the entire duct system. This factor, therefore, pulls in the extent of the air duct repair as yet another significant cost consideration factor.

3. The costs of labor

Before inviting a ducted air conditioner repair professional to check on your system, first discuss their charges. In most cases, the cost will be determined by the number of working hours they spend assessing and repairing your HVAC. But how then do you tell if their charges are competitive or the amount of time they should devote to an individual repair project?

You can easily get the standard market rate for different professionals from your local chamber of commerce. Additionally, you are advised to consult widely with other air conditioning repair professionals as well as acquaintances on the expected completion time for specific types of ducted air conditioner repairs.

 air conditioning repair adelaide

4. Cost of part replacement purchase

Did the repair professional recommend that you replace the affected part of the ducted system such as the thermostat or refrigerants? In such a case, you are advised to take it upon yourself to shop for the part replacements. It is important to keep in mind that you are probably replacing the particular part of the air conditioner because it is of inferior quality.

Therefore, when making the purchase, ensure that you are only attracted to quality first before affordability. Avoid being swayed by huge discounts into buying an equally ineffective and inferior ducted heating system part replacement.

Labour costs and part replacement charges, as well as the nature and extent of repairs, are the primary determinants of the total ducted cooling service Melbourne charges. Nonetheless, don’t just fall for whatever charges your preferred repair expert proposes. Take your time to compare them with the industry rates and if possible personally shop for the different part replacements.  


Some of the Common Reasons Why Your Heating System Isn’t Working

A heating system not working can cause you endless worry, particularly in the cold winter days when it is needed most. Many things can cause your heating system not to function as it should.

Here is a breakdown of some of the common reasons why your heating system isn’t working as it should and how to prevent the problems.

heating service

The Source

The first point of inspection when your heating system is not working should be the source. Check whether your heater is switched on and if it is the next thing to figure out is whether if it is getting enough power to function as it should.

It is important at the instance of installation to make sure that your heating system is equipped with sufficient energy so that it works as expected.

The Mechanics

Sometimes your heater may not be able to transport fuel properly to the furnace. Check the pipework for leakage, and if there are no leakages, then the issue might be an internal one.

Keep track of fuel levels and make sure that there is sufficient oil or gas to power your heater.

If there is a reset button, you can employ its use to give the motor cool down time.

Faulty Thermostats

heating installationWhen the thermostat isn’t working as it should, it may also render your heating system not working. If you are aware that your thermostat does not work and problems with your heater startup when it is turned on, consider having the thermostat fixed or replaced.

If you are aware that your thermostat does not work and problems with your heater startup when it is turned on, consider having the thermostat fixed or replaced.

Always make sure that the thermostat is set correctly. Follow the recommended temperature lowering or raising instructions and do not go beyond prescribed limits.

Other Common Issues

Other common problems that may cause your heating system not to work as expected include filter issues, loose parts or run-down parts.

The filter is an essential element in HVAC systems, and it needs regular cleaning to keep the unit functioning. In fact, most of the other issues discussed above often come as a result of the filter failing to work as it should. Cleaning the filter regularly as well as the heating system, in general, should sort out these issues.

Dust, small pieces of items around the home, and other particles may get logged within your HVAC system. This is why regular cleaning of its outer casing, as well as the filter, comes recommended to keep the unit functioning as expected.

Internal parts of your heating system may come loose for one reason or another. Having the system regularly serviced by a professional will help to catch any problems and fix them beforehand.

A heating system not working shouldn’t be a serious cause of worry if you know what to look out for and employ the fix-ups discussed. However, the best way to keep your heating system in top working condition is by having it regularly serviced by a professional.

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Information About a Heating System Replacement

A good heating system replacement can be perfect for your home. It cannot only provide you with more than enough comfortable air but also a more efficient solution, what with heaters having evolved over the years. Getting a replacement can certainly make a difference when keeping your home comfortable.

But when choosing a heating system replacement, you have to ask a few important questions. These can make a real difference when it comes to getting a system that you know is going to fit in right and do more for your home:

  • How much energy does it require? The odds are your new heater will not require as much energy as your current one does.
  • What can you save in terms of energy use? The savings that come from using less energy on your new unit will vary based on the model.
  • How much air do you need out of it? Your demands will certainly vary based on the size of your home and how many rooms need to be heated.
  • Can your new system work with your vents? Most new heaters should work just fine with the ventilation system in your home. However, there might be times when new vents have to be added to make it easier for you to keep your system running right.
  • How long is your new heater expected to last for? A typical heater should work for about ten to fifteen years on average.
  • Does it generate lots of noise? Your system needs to be insulated well enough to where it won’t create more noise than you can handle.
  • How well is the insulation? The insulation in this case refers to how well the inner workings of your system are protected. The insulation must be strong enough to where outside particles will not be as likely to get into the HVAC system. If used right, it will keep your system from breaking down easily, thus keeping your setup healthy.
  • What is the warranty for your new system? This is to ensure you have some protection if something goes wrong. A warranty could last for years depending on the model you order.
  • Does the unit fit well on the side of your home? Most HVAC units are of the same physical size but it helps to see that the unit you’ve got is easy to install and use. This should allow for a stronger setup when chosen properly but it still needs to fit into the footprint that you want to utilise.

These questions can make a difference when you’re trying to get a suitable heating system replacement. Be sure to put them into consideration when looking for a quality option for your home so you’ll have a choice that fits in well in your home and is rather comfortable.