There are several heaters at our homes that require proper maintenance. They may range from furnace/ central heating system, boilers, also known as water heaters and heat pumps among others. All these systems require to be serviced regularly to ensure proper functioning. Their maintenance and repair process is different altogether. As such, the article will provide you with tips on how to repair a broken heat pump as a way of servicing our homes. 

What Is A Heat Pump?

It is a two-way air conditioner. Repairing this type of heating system is critical, given its importance around the house. It provides cooling air around the house during summer seasons. On the other hand, during winter ensures circulation of fresh warm air throughout the house. It is, therefore, essential to have them serviced regularly. 

Types of Heat Pump

There are two types. The one that sources its heat from the outside air is known as air- source heat pump. On the other hand, the geothermal heat pump sources it heat from underground. However, the air-source heat pump is generally used.

How Do You Repair A Broken Heat Pump?

Believe me when winter hits, having a broken heater is the last thing you need. While some issues are small and you can quickly fix them, some may require a hand of a professional to handle them. Here are some of the tips that you can use to solve the issue. 


Proper Maintenance of the Heat Pump

Proper heat pump maintenance prevents the need for heater repair. It is cheaper to maintain the heater than repairing it. As a maintenance process, it is essential to regularly remove dirt and dust from the indoor system of the heater. 

What Is The Heat Pump Problem?

Is your heat pump not working? Does the heater need to be repaired? The heater can experience several issues. However, a single problem can result in system failure. The first thing you need to do is to determine the problem with the heat pump system. If the issue significant you need to call for a professional to fix it, however, in the event it is just simple maintenance and you have the necessary skills then you can comfortably repair the heater. 

Is Your Heater Displaying The Following Issues?

If your heat pump has indicated any of the following kindly calls for a specialist. Handling the issue by user self may worsen the situation. Thus, the repairing process may be costly.

  • The heat pump is not running
  • A lot of noise from the heat pump
  • The air condenser is not working

Is The Heater Not Providing Sufficient Cooling or Heat?

I am assuming that this is the diagnosed problem. You need to check the filters and ventilation. Ensure that no dirt or dust is preventing the air from flowing. On the other hand, the issue might be with your thermostat. If so you may require an AC professional to replace it. 

Is The Heater System Not Working At All?

Heater repair may be necessary if it is not working at all. To repair the heater, it is essential to determine the cause of its failure. Was the heater overloaded? If so, you may need to reset the motor. Additionally, ensure that the current is flowing properly and the fuse is in place.