What are the Differences Between A/C Systems and Heat Pumps

In general, understanding the differences between an A/C system and a heat pump would be helpful, especially when you need to select the right model for your house. In most cases, deciding between a heating and cooling system might heavily depend on the local climate as well as the levels of comfort that you get used.

Knowing the pros and cons of those devices would make it easier to choose the right product and also leave you with the expected satisfaction with your house.

  1. Straight cool A/C system

Basically, a straight cool A/C system is usually equipped with electrical heat strips, which makes it a sufficient alternative to a heat pump system. This is particularly correct in northern regions of the country in which the temperatures often decrease dip below 40oF, making it unnecessary and inefficient to use a heat pump. Even though the electrical heat strips generate a sufficient amount of heat quickly, they also require considerably more energy while operating.

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– A straight cool A/C system is less expensive to buy compared to a heat pump model

– The electrical heat strips generate heat quickly to warm the entire home


– A straight cool A/C system is usually fitted with electrical heat strips, which consume far more electricity than a heat pump system while heating the entire house

– Heat strips often malfunction and still stay on even when the device is adjusted to cool, which might double the workload on the system as well as significantly increase the energy bill.

  1. Heat pump

Although there are significant differences between heating and cooling systems, both models operate in a similar mechanism. In general, they are made to carry the heat from inside area of your house to the outside when adjusted in the cooling mode. Nevertheless, heat pump systems are often equipped with reversing valves that allow them to carry the heating air from outside to the inside of your house while in the heating mode. Without the need for electrical heat strips, you can save a lot of money on energy bills.

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– Heat pump systems are widely regarded as one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems out there simply because they consume much less electricity to warm your house.

– Heating systems help keep a stable temperature in the entire house, which removes the cold spots that are common with usual heat strips or gas furnaces.

– Heat pump systems are basically fitted with auxiliary or emergency heat strips to generate heat constantly when the temperature in your house decreases below the working level.


– Compared to straight cool A/C systems, heat pumps are more expensive

– Heat pumps system are not suitable for those areas in which the average temperatures are below 40oF without another source of heating.

– Even though a heating system is able to generate a stable temperature to warm your house, it isn’t as intense or rapid as electrical heat strips or gas furnaces.