Where to place indoor and outdoor units in split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioning installation should be properly done for optimum performance. It’s the wrong installation can lead to frequent maintenance problems like gas or refrigerant leakage and poor cooling effects. This is why its installation should be done by an expert split AC installation and erection technician while considering the following aspects.

The most important step in installing a split AC is deciding the best location for the indoor and outdoor units.

Indoor unit

In the case of the indoor unit, it should be placed somewhere in the room where the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room. It ’s preferable if the indoor unit is installed above the bed so that you experience its maximum cooling effects on the bed. If you don’t want the direct flow of cold air on your body; all you have to do is change the louvres’ directions!

Another option is to install the indoor unit on the wall towards your feet. Of course, there is no harm in installing it on other side walls too, if you feel it will provide the room with the best cooling effects!

However, the wall mounted indoor unit should be installed about 8 to 10 feet above the floor so that its cold air cools the room and not just the hot roof. The indoor unit should also be easily accessible for cleaning its filters every fortnight and for changing the louvres position.

If installed above a window, make sure it’s symmetrical with the window else the unit looks shabby. Remember, the indoor unit should improve, and not destroy the aesthetics of the room!

Split system air conditioning installation of an outdoor unit

It is better to install the outdoor unit in an open space, preferably on the terrace as it promotes a free flow of the air over the compressor and condenser. If there’s no terrace, it can be placed on the awning above the wall or on the external wall with angular support.

It should be installed in a place which is easily accessible for gas charging and to maintain its compressor, condenser and other devices. Nothing should be in front of the outdoor unit as it may block the fan air passage from passing into the open space. A blockage affects the AC performance and may also burn the compressor coil.

The outdoor unit should be installed on a rigid surface as it prevents excessively noisy vibrations which can eventually break the copper tubing or lead to refrigerant leakage.

The outdoor unit should be installed higher than the indoor unit as if it’s kept at a lower level; some compressor power may pump the refrigerant against gravity. This reduces the compressor’s overall performance.

Both the indoor and outdoor units should be installed in close proximity to each other for maximum cooling effects. The refrigerant flowing between the units is cold, and a big gap between the two only reduces the AC’s cooling effect. At the most, the two can be placed at a distance of about 15 meters from each other.

Following these split system, air conditioning installation tips ensure you will love the cooling effects of your split system AC unit! for air con installation. Contact the experts